Các cuốn sách dành cho trẻ em tại thư viện công cộng Kitimat


Tại thư viện có rất nhiều sách dành cho trẻ em. Dưới đây là danh sách các cuốn đang có tại Kitimat:

Non-Fiction Picture Books

E/387.736/BUT First look at the airport Butler, Daphne
E/398.24/TRE The flying fox warriors Trezise, P. J.
E/525/BUT First look at day and night Butler, Daphne
E/591.39/MCD Baby animals McDonnell, Janet
E/595.7/GLA Singing crickets Glaser, Linda
E/597.31/BOD Sharks Bodden, Valerie
E/597.96/BOD Snakes Bodden, Valerie
E/598.47/BOD Penguins Bodden, Valerie
E/599.757/BOD Lions Bodden, Valerie
E/599.78/TOK Sampson the hot tub bear Tokuda, Wendy
E/599.786/BOD Polar bears Bodden, Valerie
E/599.8/BOD Monkeys Bodden, Valerie
E/629.224/GRA Monster trucks Graham, Ian
E/786.9/DAV My drum Davies, Kay
E/796.522/FRA On top of the world Fraser, Mary Ann
E/811.52/SER The shooting of Dan McGrew Service, Robert W.


Picture Books

E/BRO Another important book Brown, Margaret Wise
E/CLE Counting on Frank Clement, Rod
E/CLE Grandad’s teeth Clement, Rod
E/COL Don’t tell the whole world! Cole, Joanna
E/FRI Thanksgiving rules Friedman, Laurie B.
E/GEO Gorilla gang George, Jean Craighead
E/HAR The clock struck one Harris, Trudy
E/HUT My best friend Hutchins, Pat
E/INK Nothing Inkpen, Mick
E/REY Superhero School Reynolds, Aaron
E/ROT My love for you Roth, Susan L.
E/SCH The lava is a floor! Shady, Justin
E/SHA Gladys told me to meet her here Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman
E/SPI Peter Spier’s circus! Spier, Peter
E/WAL Druscilla’s Halloween Walker, Sally M.
E/WHE Dino-soccer Wheeler, Lisa
FRENCH/E/POU Peux-tu attraper Josephine? Poulin, Stephane

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